Tune Belt Sport Armband for Larger Smartphones — AB83

Oct 21st 2013

(CINCINNATI; October 15, 2010) — Tune Belt announced the introduction of its Sport Armband for Larger Smartphones.  The new armband http://www.tunebelt.com/ab83 was designed for smartphones longer than the iPhone (4.5") and up to 5.0" in length.  The lightweight and comfortable armband is remarkably versatile fitting Droid X, HTC EVO 4G and many more of today's latest and most popular smartphones some of which are listed below. The new armband also fits many smartphones even when inside a protective case like iPhone 4 in a Bumper case.

For larger and heavier smartphones, preventing bouncing and minimizing the feeling of bulk on the arm are important armband features.  Tune Belt's Sport Armband for Larger Smartphones doesn't disappoint.  The neoprene armband stabilizes and secures the phone, and maximizes comfort with a design that keeps the back side of the case flat against the arm so there's no lumpy feeling. The arm actually pushes the device into the case which is way more comfortable than the armband's case pushing the phone into the arm.

To provide as much protection as possible from workout rigors and moisture, the top entrance is covered. Other features include: the ability to hold many devices right side up or upside down so the screen is easier to read when viewed on the arm; a clear, protective window cover with full navigational control; and a cord flap to securely store and manage the earphone cord.

The armband is washable, includes a reflective logo and adjusts from 9" to 17". For larger arm sizes, or to help the armband fit over bulkier clothing, an Armband Extender http://www.tunebelt.com/ex3  is available which increases the maximum arm size by six inches.

Some devices that fit inside: Droid X, HTC EVO 4G, Droid Incredible, HTC Desire, Samsung Fascinate, iPhone 4 in Bumper case, iPhone 3GS in Otterbox Defender case – and many more.

Tune Belt is the original and passionate creator of neoprene carriers for portable electronic devices like iPhone, iPods, MP3 and other music players, Smartphones, wireless phones and more.  Tune Belt doesn't just make holders – it offers innovative carrier solutions that provide unmatched comfort, convenience and protection.