Born out of the desire to enjoy athletic pursuits while listening to a personal music player, Tune Belt, Inc. is the original creator of neoprene carriers for portable electronic devices.

In 1983 while vacationing in the Wyoming Teton Mountains, Tune Belt's founder and President, Richard Wagner discovered the solution to an issue he had been facing. An avid runner, Wagner had been challenged to carry a portable radio or music player while exercising without it bouncing, shifting, tugging and tangling. On a climb, his friend was using a neoprene strap to hold on sunglasses, and Wagner soon realized the potential of the lightweight, stretchy, and soft material.

Tune Belt neoprene sport belts were designed and created. Made from quality materials and expert workmanship, they solved the problem beautifully. With an adjustable, snug, but not too tight fit, and a secure pocket for devices, Tune Belts provided exceptional comfort, convenience and protection.

And for nearly 30 years, Tune Belt has continued to produce innovative, high quality armbands, and sport belts to meet the changing face of portable devices and technology. Listening to and learning from our customers, Tune Belt offers the most complete range of products for smartphones and cases, meeting customers' demands for their devices and lifestyles and the best choice of features, fit and performance.