Cherie Runs This Tune Belt Review

Nov 19th 2013

I have a 4th generation iPod Shuffle and it’s my primary form of listening to music while I run. So I was sent an armband that fits it (the 2nd generation band). But if you are of the variety that likes to hear tunes from your phone, or wear the device on a belt instead of your arm, they’ve got you covered.

Created by a runner, for runners, Tune Belt makes carriers for any size phone, with or without a case. They have a variety of products to protect and secure your device, all offering the same quality convenience and construction while you work out or run, or do any activity hands-free. Tune Belts are made of neoprene and have reflective stripes offering  flexibility, comfort and style.

I didn’t even feel the little thing during my run! Loved it. I had to get used to not reaching up to my neckline, which is where I usually clip the Shuffle, to skip through songs when I wanted but instead reach towards my upper arm. That was it. Otherwise, no bouncing around and it was easy to maneuver my buttons through the case. It shall be my new running partner!